Winmate’s line of multi-touch panel PCs go beyond

Computers with elegant and edge-to-edge designs, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options brings building automation to the Next Level.

Winmate's line of multi-touch panel PCs go beyond

Winmate’s line of multi-touch panel PCs go beyond

Winmate’s line of multi-touch panel PCs go beyond. Winmate’s line of multi-touch panel PCs are used for many factory or building automation, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), point-of-information kiosks, hospitality, or air traffic control applications. This new brand it’s getting to the next level.

Briliant, high-resolution, multi-touch screens with ultra-sharp image display, A True Flat, easy-to clean front surface with edge-to-edge design, fan less design reduces dust buildup, front panel sealed to IP66 for water and dust protection, capacitive touch keys for display control, capacitive touch keys for display control, ultra-low power consumption and various mounting solutions, are just the beginning of the various mounting solutions that Winmate its placing on market.

For 7” and 10.1” P-Cap Chassis and Access Control or HMI / Signage Terminal Device, Winmate Multi Touch Flat Panel PC and Display are designed to fulfill the needs from this growing market, suitable for home automation and room management systems. By connecting to centralized database, it can provide real time update for booking status and available schedule, or perform as a synchronous display in meetings.

Featuring, True Flat for easy to maintain and clean, P-Cap Touch that projected capacitive touch supports 4-point multi-touch and can be easily controlled with fingers, PoE provides both data and power connections in single Ethernet cable, reducing cables needed and thus simplifying the hardware installation, and Front IP65 Water and Dust Proof.

Regarding to 10.4”, 15”, 18,5” 19” and 21.5” Multi-touch Panel PC (Chassis type), bring processing power, a brilliant high-resolution panel pc and streamlined functionality to kiosks, check-in counters and building or industrial automation, and as point-of-information with the new Winmate multi-touch panel computer series.

With a robust Baytrail processor, sleek and edge-to-edge design, and low power consumption, these series provide optimal solutions for variety of industries with P-Cap multi-touch screen, Capacitive Touch Keys that give users quick and easy access to the information they need, True Flat, and Front IP66 Water and Dust Proof.

Multi-touch Panel PC (Panel Mount type), Winmate P-Cap Panel Mount PPC is a multi-touch solution with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and exquisite design. Suitable for Industrial Control System, home automation, and management system, projected capacitive touch for the ultimate convenience and ease of use, allowing users to provide pleasant experience when using the device.

It is also support finger movements or specific gesture like pinching (zoom-out), stretching (zoom-in) and swiping displayed data with the use of multi fingers. That gives the user to manage gestures like tap and double tap, paning with inertia for scrolling, selection and drag left to right with one finger, press and tap for right clicking, zoom option, rotate, among others.