Micromachining Center Achieves 0.25 Ra Surface Finish

Willemin-Macodel Inc., Booth S-9341

Willemin-Macodel’s 701S micromachining center is designed to machine small, complex workpieces ranging to 52 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length. The micromachining center uses a PC-based control and high-resolution measuring scales (fewer than 10 microns) to perform fast, continuous control loop calculations to ensure submicron contour tracking. This process, called interpolation, reduces trajectory error by as much as ten times compared to conventional machines while shortening cycle times, according to the company. In addition, the machine has a small footprint (1 × 1 m) and is said to consume less energy than a hair dryer. The micromachining center’s material removal process is said to ensure dimensional and geometric precision while leaving a quality surface fnish. The 701S achieves surface fnishes of 0.25 Ra, minimizing extra fnishing operations and therefore lowering the risk of degrading workpiece geometry. Using a shrink ft system for the tool spindle, the machine has no need of a toolholder, resulting in the trajectory accuracy needed for machining with small tools. The machine accommodates tools as small as 0.05 mm in diameter.