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Leader in industrialization of micro-technologies for mass production

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Leader in industrialization of micro-technologies for mass production

Leader in industrialization of micro-technologies for mass production

Founded in 1943, Posalux is a leading manufacturer of micro-technology machines intended for mass production. Posalux’s clients are distinguished companies leading the automotive, electronic, watch, and medical industries. Posalux engineers and produces world-renowned system solutions from their headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. Through a global network of branches and agents, Posalux provides reliable services and support to customers worldwide. Visit us at EMO 2015 in Hall 09, Stand B10/C09. Convince yourself of our latest new development: We proudly present the newest generation of micro-erosion in an innovative, ergonomic design. Having realized numerous considerable improvements, you receive genuine added value solutions for your production,  i.e. 30% higher productivity by shorter cycle times as well as more prothe aggregates are completely integrated.

Moreover, we will be exhibiting following high-quality machines producing the illustrated working pieces:


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Milling FP1

This mass production one spindle Milling machine is dedicated to a milling process in hard materials up to 67 HRC / 900 HV in order to achieve Milling Ø 0.1-2 mm (typical for step hole 0.30.6 mm). The Milling spindle is air bearing spindle with rotation up to 60.000 rpm (optional 100.000 rpm). Increased tool life up to 5.000 holes. The innovative spindle design reduces the vibration in the process. The cutting force is also optimized. The Milling FP1 is based on a dry machining technology. It has a suction system for extracting waste chips.

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FP1 – By Posalux

Laser-F (versions: MONO, TWIN, and COMBI)

FEMTO technology allows for excellent surface roughness Ra 0.05 μm (like polishing) drilling holes with diameter down to 90 μm. The Laser-F shows flexibility in circular hole shapes machining (ellipses). With less than 2 s / hole the Laser-F offers a high productivity. Due to cold ablation, there is no heat transfer to surrounding material. Result: No deposits, no recasts, no microcracks. Moreover, you can work with a wide range of materials.

The Mono FEMTO-Laser is a one head LASER machine with 6 axis for mass or lab production. The Twin FEMTO-LASER is fitted with twin stages and a linear system of 11 axis prepared for high dynamic and accurate motions. The COMBI version allows two operations  in one: Laser & HD-Milling. It is an 8 axis machine including a deburring automatic tool loader.

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HP4 – By Posalux


Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving chemical and thermal mechanism to micro-machine bur and debris free glass while keeping its optical transparency.  Since a few years glass has seen a real renaissance in several high tech applications such as in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) or Lab-on-Chip devices. Its unique properties, like optical transparency or chemically inertness, which are important for biosensing or optical printed-circuitboard manufacturing, makes it an interesting material.

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