Barf, Material Selection, Performance Materials

Trend study Material Selection 16/17 by BASF

Barf, Material Selection, Performance Materials 16/17, Philipp Böckmann

Trend study “ Material Selection 16/17 ” by BASF presents innovative materials for products of the future

  • Joint project by the designfabrik® and the Performance Materials scouting team of BASF in Europe

  • New materials and combinations pave the way for improved products in almost all industries

  • Exclusively available for customers and partners

How are a Bolivian indigenous tribe and transfer coating technology related? What is the connection between a fitness app on your cell phone and a semi-rigid foam? And what does this material feel like? “ Material Selection 16/17 ”, the first trend book by the designfabrik® and the scouting team of BASF’s Performance Materials division provides all the answers. “We present two socio-cultural, relevant market trends and make them tangible for our customers by forming a connection with BASF materials”, says Philipp Böckmann, who has worked as a trend scout on the study.

Material Selection 16/17, BASF, Philipp Böckmann

The authors of the trend study “Material Selection 16/17”: Philipp Böckmann (left), trend scout of the Performance Materials division and Alex Horisberger, designer at BASF’s designfabrik®.

Alex Horisberger, designer at BASF’s designfabrik adds, “Plastics are the materials of the 21st century. In our study we are dealing intensively with their esthetics and functions. We introduce hybrid materials which can be combined for completely new purposes to make new designs possible.”

The study will be published exclusively for customers and partners and is aimed at designers and creatives from all industries. It will be released in English and includes a visual presentation of the trend themes as well as original samples of the materials.

From “RAW” to “ Material Selection 16/17 ”

“Material Selection 16/17” is a continuation of the color and material trend book “RAW” published last year by BASF’s Coatings division in collaboration with the designfabrik®. “This study is to be considered as the start of a compilation without an expiry date – it will be a relevant and long-term tool for our customers”, says Alex Horisberger. “Moreover, with this trend book we will extend our focus from the automotive industry to industries such as construction and consumer goods.”

Knowing which needs will concern customers in the future

In order to detect trends, the BASF-scouts analyze the needs, markets and applications of current customers as well as further leading companies – beyond the traditional industry boundaries. In addition, they systematically evaluate the findings of foresight networks as well as professional trend- and future consulting institutes. From the multitude of different trends, they distill those topics that will matter the most in tomorrow’s world of plastics. Here, they tie in with the work of the designfabrik.

The designers support their customers’ counterparts at the early stage of product development with their material know-how and sample pieces. They translate creative visions into material solutions and combine these with the possibilities of plastic. Scouts and designers jointly identify future market requirements from trends and topics in order to develop customized solutions for customers early on. “We understand the trend study as an invitation for our customers to think about products and materials of the future together with us”, says Philipp Böckmann. “In combination with our experience in material consultation and our broad product portfolio, the study is the ideal foundation to let the innovative ideas of our customers become reality as quickly as possible.”

Source: BARF News