Creative Survival in a wisdom Economy

Being creative in a Wisdom Economy


YEOPLE-Rhino Multitool

Being creative in a Wisdom Economy. Recently, during a web surfing. One article got our attention regarding Wisdom Based Workplaces. It seems that lately, trust, transparency, and opening your heart to lead a workplace with kindness is truly what matters, especially when it comes to determining the survival of the creative in a wisdom based economy.

A Wisdom Based Economy develops brands that can break boundaries and companies that support creative minds. Wisdom encourages sensibility, understanding and knowledge of what is true or right while implementing action.

The future is about what we want to see happen, and who can make that happen. A new era in economic development is growing, right under us, with new creative ventures. A company that touches our heart while they are re-building the manufacturing industry, re-building the business world. Meanwhile, they use their creativity for being an honest player in the field. Such as the case of, with all their innovating products, could make some businessmen think that they are crazy, but they are proving them otherwise, with their upstanding products, followers, promoters and happy clients. Like one of their cleaver, cool and helpful gadgets, “I like your Kitchen Glove” that it’s perfect for a modern kitchen or the “Rhino Multitool” for those animal lovers.

These companies are producing products that develop and deliver super clever products and services. Companies thinking up ingenious ideas based off simple concepts and to make it in a wisdom-based economy these companies will not foster financial crisis, downsizing, influxes of change and uncertainty and teams that are hard to manage – they’re the opposite. They allow people to live in harmony, free of worry and anxiety, embrace  love for their job, productivity, independence, transparency and trust all while opening their hearts to a lead the workplace with kindness.

Financial success does not mean anything when you cannot find personal achievement and reward through support of your creative activities. It is important to let everyone contribute in order for theirs full potential to be discovered. Stop focusing on plans and strategies in the midst of chaos. Embrace uncertainty including financial uncertainty. Think like an entrepreneur and plan the company’s successful future even though you can’t see what’s ahead. Where creativity it’s the key for new products or service, that can blew your mind with thoughts about the endless possibilities of use and the advantages!

Source: TowerMagazine